New “Origin” reviews

“Bjarke Falgren is that rare, talented, technically gifted, and artistically wide-ranging rhythm musician. I’ve always thought of him as a musical mastermind, for such is his presence on stage: he moves with performance ease. With a charming sense for cultural uniqueness and his own style and nature, he makes the violin a funnel for his own emotions. He has the force and qualities to pave the way for an international breakthrough. He might start a partnership with Pat Metheny, for his musicality and obvious preferred tone-spectrum have the same source.” Ivan Rod
“It is very much jazz’s response to slow food, when Falgren’s group slows down and tells us something about taking care of the inner musical forces that are lovingly released. ORIGIN is bubbly refreshing with a surplus violin playing. And without in any way being avant-garde, Bjarke Falgren manages to show how the tradition can be updated. It is not too much to say that the CD contains 14 spot shots – each in its own way. It’s hard to imagine you can get tired of this album with music that is so much alive and present.” 
Jakob Hassing
“Bjarke Falgren touches us with this lovely and sensitive musical experience. It’s as if the violin and bow have grown together in his arms and are part of him. His light, sensitive bowing adds to his personal Falgrenian flavor while exploring and exhibiting the multitude of violin possibilities. The late Svend Asmussen gave his young colleague support and high-flying recommendations, considering Falgren his heir and successor. That relationship implies Falgren’s top musical level and future possibilities. It will be very exciting to follow his progress.” Nils Thorlund