Catbird are a trio from Copenhagen with singer Billie Koppel in front(daughter of Annisette and Thomas Koppel from the legendary band The Savage Rose). The other two are multi-instrumentalists Frank Hasselstroem (piano, keyboards, trombone, samples, drums) and Bjarke Falgren (violin, viola, cello, guitars, percussion echoes, loops etc.)

The trio has with their three latest albums distinguished themselves as one of the most original bands of the Scandinavian music scene. And with their live performances, they have gained great recognition to give the public a fantastic and different experience, at a very high and internationally artistic level.

The music is a crossover between the acoustic and electronic. The dreamy and poetic sound that gives one the feeling of being on a journey in a cinematic universe.

Catbird has previously been nominated for several Grammy awards (including “Best Singer” and “Best Producer”) and also the Danish Radio P3 price.

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Catbird at Statens Art Museum / * * * * * GAFFA MAGAZINE

Already from the first song, “City of Blue”, the audience got to hear what Catbird is able to do live. Billie Koppels rousing beautiful voice was – as expected – in the center, while Frank Hasselstroem got the joy and the honor of borrowing the museums Concert Grand Piano for a night. It is rarely heard better. The sound and acoustics were generally in Catbird’s favor, and also substantively, Catbird showed themselves in a class of itself. In exactly one hour long set, the band kept their expression, that managed to maintain their expression and their attentive audiencestate of mind. We cannot give enough praise for the three musicians on stage.

Information, newspaper

If Jean-Pierre Jeunet and David Lynch had created a movie together, Catbird could be the soundtrack. Catbird is just so magical and haunting as “The City of Lost Children” and just as obsessive and mysterious as “Blue Velvet”. Lead singer Billie Koppel alluring and dreamy voice glides gently over the piano, trombone, glockenspiel and strings. It is in harmonious beauty and gentle ornamentation they create elegant and oppressive songs, reminiscent of Billie Holiday, Beth Gibbons, Fransoise Hardy and Chris Isaak.

Politiken, newspaper

Unusual beautiful music. Privation turned into the most beautiful zest for life in this delightful album, “Among Us”. The entire album is wrapped in velvety want and longing melancholy. This time it is acoustically built around Frank’s piano and Billie’s heartbreaking song. And the result shows that the brilliant style creators as Jacques Brel and Tim Buckley has not lived in vain. Catbird is a sensitive band that holds the beauty and a touch of the rare. Annisettes daughter sounds lovely dusty and wonderful.

Århus Stifttidende, newspaper

Fatally beautiful and poignant music from Catbird, and the singer’s glowing, bleeding and spirited vocals leave no doubt that she is the daughter of Annisette. A seeker and soulful album – a shimmering jazz noir black and white intonations on the hushed inner dramas, that weigh when life, death, love and longing overwhelms. Catbirds only second abum is an unheard piece of work that causes goose bumps. An eksistenstiel feat.

Denmarks Radio

Catbird tell stories and create images on the retina, while they are creating a universe of mysterious and dreamy spheres with strong melodies and interesting instrumentation in focus. And the result is refreshing unconventional and un-Danish. Catbird really impresses. An eye-opener that subjects of intense creativity that we need here at home. Technically Billie Koppel is a singer with no equal in Denmark, and on “Among Us” she really strike the strong expressiveness. She sings simply intoxicating beautiful and sensual, and live in it up to her name. Billie.

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