World On A String

World On A String is a quartet that plays lyrical world music with a rhythmical and improvising drive, which is seldom heard on these latitudes.

World On A String has now existed for over 11 years. They have, all this time, nurtured their very own personal music-style and over the years the band has gathered a steady number of enthusiastic followers.

They released their debut album in 2004, to rave reviews, and their newly released CD “Second Outlet”, is taking their music to the next level. The band explores fearlessly the borders among different styles of world music and makes it their very own style.

You will effortlessly be introduced to music, which has its offspring in Indian, Baltic, Irish and Nordic folklore, mixed with jazz, rock and pop. World On A String has reached an unusual level of ensample playing and they are as a unit, capable ofinterplay of an almost telepathic rapport and combined with their contagious enthusiasm, makes their live performances and extraordinary and uplifting experience.

The four musicians: John Sund – 6 & 12 string guitars, Bjarke Falgren – violin & viola, Morten Lundsby – contrabass and Mirwais Fedai  – tabla, have for a long time been a part of the Danish jazz/world-scene and toured in most parts of the world.

They have worked both live and in the studio with such different artists as: Van Morrison, The Danish Radio Big Band, NHØP Quartet, Lelo Nika, Creme Fraiche, Bo Stief, Palle Mikkelborg, Ganesh & Kumaresh, Mariam Mursal, Susi Hyldgaard and Jens Lysdal, and many more.

Here is what some of the reviewers said about their debut-CD:

…continuously reflective playing, searching and fearless improvisation, now and then slowly and meditative, but most of the time with a strong rhythmic drive, which always keeps the excitement – and interest – capturedJack Donen – Djembe
This is meaningful and honest art, especially because the band-members are incredibly respectful and appears as a unit. They have to the greatest extent “found each other” and together they raise the music to a higher level, which as I hear it, reaches far beyond the actual notes and melodies, we hear. Exactly therefore, WORLD ON A STRING will hold up to repeated listeningPeter Rahbek – Jazzspecial
This quartet performs with an open “free flow” and the joy of playing is constantly present. The music on this CD is an adventure for the listener beyond the averageTorsten Eckerman – Jazzlife, Sweden



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