Studio Strings – production, arranging and recording.

Falgren Strings Production offers to produce recording and strings arrangements for producers and artists. Bjarke plays both cello, viola and violin, and therefore holds the option to record it all himself – a cheaper solution than normally, but also more flexible, since booking of arranger, orchestra and studio will not be necessary to realize strings on your track.


Jesper Mecklenburg, Halfdan E., Chief 1, Cutfather, Remee, L.I.G.A., Mads Langer, Outlandish, Masaa, Fallulah, Sönke Meinen, Reentko Dirks, Rasmus Seebach, Melanie C.(Spice Girls), Rugsted/Kreutzfeldt, Ida Nielsen, Burhan G., Sanne, Bo Evers, Smokie, Martin Brygman, Johnny Madsen, Mike Sheridan, Sir Cliff Richard, GL Music, Jens Lysdal, Filur, Salem, Brødrene Olsen, Kaya Brüel,  Big Fat Snake, Steen Rasmussen Quinteto, Anne Dorte Michelsen, The Dreams, Drengene fra Angora, Anette Bjergfeldt, Soluna Samay, Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen, Christian Brøns, Joey Moe, Gabriellas, Emilie Esther, TV2, Christoffer Hoyer, Billy Cross, Poul Krebs, Billie Koppel, Catbird, JLS, Lise Blaase, Mikkel Engell, Fridolin Nordsø, Ole Kibsgaard…..etc.


In his own studio in an old schoolhouse near Copenhagen, or in your studio: Mail an MP3 with the track you would like to have strings added to – See Contact.


Bjarke plays 4 different violins, viola and cello. A Sound deluxe mic. U99 plus a Universal Audio preamp plus different ambience mics. Characteristic pleasant top and core in its sound.