Jens Lysdal duo/trio

Jens Lysdal duo/trio

Danish singer, guitarist, songwriter Jens Lysdal has received tremendous reviews nationally and internationally and is rated one of scandinavias top guitar players and male singers.

His style is often subtle and poetic, but at the same time with an un- mistakable sharpness in playing and writing.

Both as a writer and instrumentalist, he covers a wide range of genres – that he often mixes – always using it for making lyrical and musical points.

Jens Lysdal Guitar, vocal

Bjarke Falgren Violin, viola, mandolin, backing vocals

Jakob Falgren Bass, backing vocals


He’s easily up to the American songwriters cult figures like Paul Simon and Randy Newman and he plays the guitar like the truly great onesWorld of Music, Germany
The lyrics are sly, wry, shrewdly compassionate, and beautifully crafted, as are his arrangementsThe Planet, Radio National, Australia
Lysdal takes us along into a world of sounds that has no need of adopting trendy effects to leave lasting effect on the heart and soul of the listenerGDM-Aktiv, Germany
Lysdal covers a vast number of genres. You could mention bluegrass, samba, reggae, swedish folktone and jazz. Same thing with his voice that can change colour from song to song. The crucial thing is the strong integrity in Lysdal’s appearances. Even if he is a highly versatile artist, there’s a core in his art that is present in everything he touchesPolitiken, Denmark
Lysdal has made a real contribution to the American roots-rock tradition that includes Hiatt, Ry Cooder and the BlastersKorean Times
The strange thing is that the voice, nevertheless, remains the same – borne by the same discreet tone, combining sadness and longing which make its attentiveness all the more urgent and creates an intimacy which goes deep into the heartPolitiken, Denmark
A master piece ! A wonderfully swinging low-keyed record, a wonderful, much needed breath onto the Danish music stageEkstra Bladet, Denmark
An album whose time has come. It shows a maturity that few first recordings can lay claim toKorean Times
On every level – harmony – in the best sense of the wordBerlingske, Denmark
Lysdal catapults himself up into the first team of Danish songwritersAarhus Stiftstidende, Denmark
The commercial globalization might seem to have disastrous consequences for the multiplicity, but in Lysdal’s music it removes bordersGDM Aktiv, Germany
Full of style and elegance and above it all, Lysdal’s clear and soft voice, not unlike a Paul Simon or Sting, moonlightingBerlingske Tidende
A solace for the soul in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday lifeJyllands-Posten, Denmark
A melodic miracle Information, Denmark